Program Studi S2 Sistem Informasi


Profile of Master of Information Systems Study Program
“In 2025 it will become the Best Information Systems Masters Study Program in Indonesia by organizing the Tridarma of Higher Education activities that are in synergy with industrial problems and the needs of start-ups in encouraging information system-based economic growth guided by the values ​​of Pancasila”
1. Organizing education and teaching that produces quality graduates based on four main aspects, namely IS Developer, IS Manager/Specialist, IS Consultant, and Digital Entrepreneurship based on Pancasila values.
2. Carry out research that provides solutions to industrial problems theoretically and practically oriented to novelty and critical thinking.
3. Organizing community service activities with the aim of contributing as a whole to improving community welfare and awareness of the importance of using information systems in everyday life.
4. Actively participate in programs planned by the government to improve the quality of education by taking into account the needs of employment opportunities and the use of human resources.
Curriculum structure
Compulsory Courses:
Data Governance and Information Technology, Information Security Assurance, Business Analysis and Corporate Data, Research Methodology for Information Systems, Information System Architecture and Application Modeling, Cyber ​​Law and Ethics, Seminars, Information Technology Certification and Training, Information Technology Strategy and Corporate Architecture, Master’s Thesis.
Elective courses:
[1] Concentration of Digital Enterprise: Cyber ​​Resilience and Resistance, Network Optimization and Management, Latest Generation Information Technology Infrastructure.
[2] Concentration in Digital Business: Information Technology and Systems Leadership in Business, Information Technology Value Techniques, Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
[3] Concentration of Digital Governance: Digital Transformation and Strategy, Knowledge and Resource Management, Digital Planning and Management and Projects.
[4] Concentration in Digital Entrepreneurship (Digipreneurship): Internet of Things Application, Intelligent Application Design, Service Oriented Business Process Management.